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So you want to work in digital media production?  AMP is one of the most unique audio schools and photography schools in the country.  Students receive both in-class instruction and real-world experience that helps them meet the requirements of the job industry.  Students in the Audio School have the opportunity to work with professional bands and/or companies on real-world projects.  Students in the Photography School will be required to work with area businesses to deliver high-quality content.  Our "practicum" program gives students real-world experience that employers seek.

AMP's Photography studio is equipped with a 48 foot cyc wall, garage doors, and floor drains giving artists unparalleled facilities to capture unique images.  The recording studio boasts plenty of recording space and state of the art equipment.  If you are looking to begin your career in digital audio, photography or video, AMP should be on your list of school's to visit!


The Academy For Media Production offers advanced training in all areas of professional photography and DSLR Video Production.  For more information on AMP's photography school, click here.

AMP Director, Paul Chiacchierini received Grammy consideration in 2012 for Paul Lewis’ “Bag of Rain” in the category “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical”.

AMP is fully licensed by the state of Pennsylvania's Board of Private Licensed Schools.  The AMP is the only approved private audio school in PA.

Bill Chenaille completed the Adams County In-service day with the district's art teachers.  We had a fun day of photography training.

Instructor Dave Bowden master engineers the new Little Feat "Rams Head Revisited" album which goes on to win an independent award.

Teachers!  Did you know that AMP offers professional development classes in all areas of audio, photo and video?  Check our Events page to find out more about our Audio Workshops and Photography Workshops for educators.

Paul Chiacchierini became the National Technical Committee Chair for the prestigious SkillsUSA Audio/Radio Production contest held in Kansas City, MO.

Bill Chenaille, Director of Admissions, celebrates his 15th year of chairing the National SkillsUSA Photography competition in Kansas City, MO.

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Class Schedule 
AMP offers several convenient class times to fit most personal schedules.  We offer both full-time (day) and part-time (evening) schedules starting every Spring and Fall:
        1. Audio Production Class Schedule:
               a.  Full Time: Mon-Thurs from 1pm to 5pm (6months)
               b.  Part Time: Mon & Wed, or, Tues & Thurs from 6pm to 10pm (12 months)
        2. Photography / Video Production Class Schedule:
               a.  Full Time: Mon-Thurs from 9am to 4pm (6 months)
               b.  Part Time: Mon, Tues & Wed from 6pm to 10pm (12 months)

Job Placement / Business Communications 
Although AMP does not guarantee job placement, we take every effort to ensure our graduates are ready to meet the challenges of the industry.  Students are given a comprehensive overview on career fields and the steps necessary on how to effectively communicate with potential employers to increase their chances for landing the interview.  Our Business Communications course also prepares students on how to establish and operate a small business.  Students also receive training on effective sales & marketing strategies to help increase business revenue.

Financial Assistance 
AMP offers one of the most competitive financial plans available.  The "Student Line of Credit" available through the Adams County National Bank (ACNB) offers both a secured loan at 4% interest or an unsecured loan at 6% interest.  Both of these options offer a lower rate than the Federal Stafford loan program at 6.8% interest.  This loan can cover the cost of all tuition, equipment and living expenses.   Students can apply for this line of credit at: https://urimportant.acnb.com/loanapp/productselect.cfm